The world between languages

​What do you do for living? Me? I link cultures...

I always had a thing for languages and arts, so it completely made sense that I finished studying Translation and Interpretation in the University of Vigo, where I became an specialist on English, Portuguese, Galician and Spanish and got my English-Galician-English Certificated Translator License.

I started my professional career as grant holder in the Galician Translators Association (ATG) translating documents, maintaining the website and helping in the organization of Translation congresses and symposiums and doing touristic vouchers and industrial manuals as a freelancer.

After, I specialized in Literature, Media and Videogames Translation and Localization of video games and software, which is actually the lion share of my work and my passion, but I also work in other types of translation (general, touristic, technical, certified, translation for organizations, educational...).

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