More than 15 years of expertise

English/Portuguese > Spanish/Galician

Translation and localization project specialist

Irene Doval Marcos

+353899516864 / +34670960629


  • Freelance Translator (12/2003 - Present)

Translating from English and Portuguese to Spanish and Galician (vice versa), I had worked with several clients as Level UP Translations, AEIOU Translators, Globally Translated, Cerditos de Guinea, Gofrepan, Tee Travel, Shamrock Games, and other particulars and localization companies providing them with high quality translations of legal certified documents (English/Galician), literature, marketing, educational material, touristic vouchers, software applications, translations for the media and more, even finding resources and coordinating a team when needed.

I also volunteer as a translator for the Associació Catalana Pro Persones Sordcegues (Apsocecat). Intermón Oxfam, TermWiki and; and in my first years I collaborated with fansubs and was part of the Linux KDE localization project named Trasno.

In the videogame field, I was nominated for Best Videogame Translation in the ATRAE Awards 2019 for Ghost of a Tale.

For some examples of my translating skills, please see the samples or refer to:

Ghost of a Tale (Videogame).

Peter Pan nos xardíns de Kensington.

Now in the Biblioteca Virtual ( 05/2009.

La Guía Oficial de Second Life.

Translator and responsible for the copy-editing and layout. 07/2007- 02/2008.

  • Spanish Videogame Translator [In-house] (10/2010 - 31/03/2016)

Translator for CULTURETRANSLATE GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany [October 2010-August 2012] and CULTURETRANSLATE LTD (Dublin, Ireland [September 2012-Present]) in both the Project Team and the Virtual Console department, my duties were to translate manuals, in-game text, marketing notes and packaging for different videogames for Nintendo and other clients as Cliq and thumbr.

I was also part of the Training group and the Recruitment group.

Unfortunately, my work in this field is sealed by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

  • Videogame Tester (06/2009 – 10/2012)

During my experience as a worker in Enzyme Testing Labs (Sainte-Adéle, Canada [June 2009 – June 2010]) and Key-Factor GmbH (Eschborn, Germany [July 2010-October 2010]), I won an extensive experience in the diverse platforms (PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Leapster, Leapfrog Tag…) and databases used in the industry (Jira, Mantis, Buglog, DevTrack…) as well as earn knowledge about QA.

My main field of expertise was Linguistic Spanish Testing, but I also performed Portuguese and Functionality testing when required.

Some games tested by me were:

● Splatterhouse (PS3 and Xbox)

● CSI Deadly Intent (NDS, Wii, PC and Xbox)

● Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Arcade attack (NDS)

● Imagine Gymnastics (NDS)…

For a more extensive list, please clic here.


  • Galician Translator Association Grant Holder (05/2004 – 10/2006)

In charge of translating documents, maintaining the webpage and the translator magazine Viceversa and organize translation congresses as the V Galician Translation Symposium “En Voz Allea” (February 2005).

  • Dubbing Actress (12/2003 – Present)

My two courses on Dubbing (Centramedia, A Coruña September 2003 – June 2004), gave me experience and knowledge in the field that came very handy when localizing. I also perform small dubbing jobs like the documentary Poboacións Ocultas (Xunta de Galicia, May 2009) and projects in Find here some samples.

  • Writer (In constant development)

Writing is one of my passion and you can find some of my stories published as El león marron jugaba solo al balón (story for kids published in the magazine Sapos y Princesas or Take me OUT.

For samples of my texts, please clic here.


  • Master on Oriental Asia Society and Culture (UOC, 09/2007 – 07/2009)

The Master and Postgraduate on Oriental Asia Culture and Societies (part of the Oriental Asia Studies) help to understand the culture behind the documents to be localized (videogames, text, manga, anime), apart from giving knowledge about the arts, geography, languages and politics of those societies.

  • Degree on Translation and Interpretation (10/2001 – 06/2007)

Specialized in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Galician.

  • Legal Translator License (Xunta de Galicia, 2007)

Allowed to perform legal certified translations English – Galician – English.


Other languages:

Currently learning Japanese (level 2 Official School of Languages) and German (Level B1 in the European Frame of Languages). Interested in other languages as Sign Language, Chinese and Gaelic.

Other courses:

Specializing in marketing for localization services, leadership and project managing.

IT Knowledge:

Good knowledge of the different operative systems and localization tools (Trados, Dejavú, OmegaT, Subtitle Workshop…). Basic knowledge of HTML.


Last update: 18/02/2021