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Proofreading and testing: Looking for perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist, we know that. Even if you try your best, there are always minor tiny little things that can actually ruin the project you had been working in with all your heart.

Proofreading and testing might not be perfect neither, but they surely helps to polish the results and try to keep the imperfections to an unnoticeable minimum.

If you care about results, testing and proofreading are for you.

With all care, I will go over your documents and applications and do my best to flag all the possible issues that could spoil your communication.

If you prefer me to correct them directly or list them for you is just up to you!

Let´s make sure your message looks as good to the eyes of your public as it does in your mind!

To find more about my years of experience as proofreader and software and videogames tester, go to my CV or see the list of the tested games in the market.